Overview – Annual report on Marine Renewable Energy in France

By the Observatoire des Energies de la Mer

Key figures for the French marine renewable energies sector in 2019

3064 jobs => +47%

The bar of 3,000 jobs in France was crossed in 2019. The increase in employment is explained by both the increase in the number of respondents to our survey, showing the renewed interest of companies in the sector, but above all by hiring in companies in the sector.

452M€ invested => +70%

Investments in the scale of the sector experienced a significant increase of 68% in 2019 (2.15 billion euros have been invested by the sector since 2007). Investment is maintained among service providers and suppliers in the value chain and is growing very strongly among developer-operators with the multiplication of pilot and commercial projects. The increase in investment, and to a lesser extent that in employment, is directly linked to the start of construction of the first offshore wind farm off the French coast, in Saint-Nazaire.

69% of the yearly turnover on the export market

Export remains the majority in the activity of French MRE companies thus confirming the competitiveness of the national industry.

91 additional respondents => +45%

The 2020 survey now reaches 291 respondents thanks to the input of service providers and suppliers of the value chain returning to a market that has finally materialized.

The full report is available on www.merenergies.fr and in French only.